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YAPP Stands for Young Adults Praise and Prayer and in YAPP, that's exactly what we do!  YAPP is for high school students in grades 9 and up to a few years after high school.  In YAPP, we pride ourselves in accepting everyone for who they are, and meeting youth exactly where they're at.  Being a young adult in this world is a messy, complicated thing and we just want to help sort through the mess together.  Having a support group is one of the most important things we can do for our young adults, so come and be a part of ours!

This year in YAPP we are focusing on the bible.  The bible often comes across as too big and too scary and so we don't open it and really explore what is inside.  Well this year, we are going to change that!  The bible was given to us to love and if you come on a Wednesday night this year, that's exactly what you should learn!

We also will be doing service work, about once a month, that will look different each time.  God calls us to be his disciples: God's work, our hands!  Expereiencing the sacrifice of giving to others can be a deeply touching experience and one I think we all should practice often.

At YAPP, we love with open arms.  Come join us and see what you think, and as always, bring a friend!

Have questions or concerns?  I'd love to talk to you!

Sara Hudson
Youth Coordinator

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