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SoulFull (9th-Young Adult)

Do you love God?  Do you love people?  Then SoulFull is for you!  Whether your singing voice is heavenly, or you can't hit a note to save your life, whether you play the drums or the spoons, whether you know every camp song and hymn in the bible or you have never experience Christian music before, come and check us out!

SoulFull is comprised of young adults, ranging in age from ninth graders to thirties!  If you feel young and passionate about music, then we can't wait to have you!  SoulFull meets every Wednesday night at 6:30.  We have the privelage of helping lead closing worship for Confirmation and YAPP, middle school and high school youth, and then get to spend time together as a group.

SoulFull is a group of dedicated, hard working, and loving group of young adults.  We have too much fun and I know you will enjoy your time with us!  Come check us out and bring your musical instrument of choice!

Wondering if SoulFull is a fit for you?  Come and see for youself or contact me and we can talk about it in more depth.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Sara Hudson
Youth Coordinator

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SoulFull (9th-Young Adult)
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