Transition At Salem

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord…




The Transition 

Salem is going through a change, like we have been off and on for the nearly 100 hundred years that we have been a congregation. We are in the beginning stages of seeking a new pastor. Our interim pastor, Reverend Loren Anderson-Bauer,  is leading our congregation through this interim period between full-time pastors.  One of the first major steps he has taken is to assemble a transition team comprised of Salem member of different backgrounds and generations. 

Responsibilities of the Transition Team are: 

  • Assist the interim pastor in oversight of the transition period at Salem. Become familiar with the dynamics and goals of the transition period. Meet with the interim pastor to consult regarding issues that arise during the interim  period. 
  • Identify specific issues to be addressed and tasks to be completed during the interim period and self-evaluation process. 
  • Report to the council and the congregation regularly on the progress of the transition. Make a final report to the council and congregation. 
  • Advise the council as to when a Call Committee should be appointed. Meet with the Call Committee at their request to assist in preparing the Ministry Site  Profile for the congregation.  


  • Transition Team members:
  • Laurie Swor
  • Howard Simula
  • David Pipho
  • Dave Johnson
  • Darlene Haedrich
  • Lisa Forsell
  • Carol Christenson

The Transition Team’s Report was completed on October 25, 2021 and presented to the church council. You can read the transition team’s report here

This page will keep you updated on the progress of calling our new pastor to Salem. Your prayers for guidance are appreciated!

Keep reading below for updated information.

“Our mission is to pass on the faith by involving all member of our community in Christ’s ministry.”



  • We are a welcoming church.
  • We are a mission church.
  • We care for our community.
  • We are a family.

WHERE ARE WE NOW- The Call Committee


Transition Team members spent much of the summer reaching out to Salem members with specific questions to delve into your thoughts about Salem’s strengths and ideas about our future. Thank you to all who participated with our team- your insight and comments have been most appreciated!

The team’s next steps are to use the the information gathered to report strengths and priorities that can be used for the call committee in reaching out for our next pastor. 

The Transition Team has completed their task. Their final report has been completed  and passed to the call committee. 

The Next Steps- The Call Committee

The Transition Team is now disbanded and the Call Committee has taken over the the next step in the call process.

  • The first step for the call committee is to prepare Salem’s Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The committee met weekly and submitted the MSP to the synod office in mid December.
  • The MSP is now available for pastoral candidates to view and, if interested, may submit their Rostered Minister Profile.
  • The Call Committee is responsible for for reviewing the candidates for Salem’s next pastor. 

Here are the members of the Call Committee: 

  • Christy Jaros- Chair
  • Carol Christenson- Co-chair
  • Maria Karon
  • Myrna Johnson
  • Frank Dusek
  • Simon Erdmann

Update! 6/14/2022!

It is official!

We are excited to announce that Pastor John Ansell will be Salem’s next pastor! Pastor John’s gifts of pastoral care, his compassion and love for the Bible and teaching as well as his community involvement will serve Salem well. We look forward to welcoming him in August and beginning our ministry together.

Salem Lutheran Church

Established 1924

Change is nothing new to Salem. From our humble beginnings with worship in homes, to our first chapel being burned, building two new churches and to adding to our current building. We have also had fourteen different full-time pastors.

Pastors Who Have Served Us
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